Corporate law

We provide assistance to executives, financial investors,
shareholders and independent professionals in corporate law matters
as incorporation, structuring, shareholders agreements or mergers
and acquisitions.

Incorporation (legal structure advisory, draft of articles of incorporation, shareholders agreements,…)

Transfers, sellings and acquisitions (due diligence reviews and formal agreements as SPA, seller’s warranty contracts, financing agreements…)

Internal restructuring and equity capital operations (mergers, partial contributions of assets, increasing capital,…)

Distressed companies procedures : assistance and implementation within amicable or court order-ordered measures (ad hoc mandate or conciliations, safeguard, recovery, administration and compulsory liquidation

Commercial lease management

Business assets takeover (sale, lease management, contribution…)

Structures of liberal professions (SEL, SCPs, associations, etc.)

Corporate life follow-up (approval of annual accounts, various modifications formalities)

Intra-group agreements (service agreements, cash pooling agreements and delegation of powers, etc.)

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