Corporate tax

We assist our French and international clients (small and intermediate-sized businesses)
in answering their day-to-day tax and legal questions
and during exceptional operations.

Fiscalité des entreprises

Day-to-day tax management

Establishing the taxable result
(management of tax losses, financing methods and deduction of interest / thin-capitalisation assessment)

Inspection and review of companies’ tax returns

Managing French tax group consolidation (consolidation agreements, intra-group operations) and tracking of intra-group relations

Tax management of movements concerning dividends, interest, intra-group services

Local taxes: property taxes, CFE and CVAE professional taxes

Tax aspects of restructuring, mergers and acquisitions

Tax due diligence of acquisitions or disposals (audit reports and tracking of taxes risks)

Tax consequences of professional assets transfer

Tax support in restructuring groups, purchasing and selling of companies

Analysis of tax possibilities and consequences, requests for tax ruling before the tax authorities, review of the tax aspects of legal documentation related to such operations, etc.

Tax management in an international environment

Tax analysis for set up in France

Tax strategy and management in an international environment (application of international tax treaties, provisions to prevent international tax evasion, intervention of our international tax correspondents of Nexia International)

Implementing withholding taxes for dividends, interest and fees

Review of tax requirements related to the policy of transfer pricing applied by international groups

VAT management

Analysis of French VAT issues for international companies

Assistance to international companies in their French VAT requirements (French VAT registration , establishing VAT returns, refund claim of VAT credit, etc.)

Assistance to French companies in their VAT issues in France and abroad

VAT analysis for real estate operations

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